“Monsieur, Dance with V?” A Series of April Moments with Me

1159 PM Today, Saturday: April is at its end. Over the last two weeks since the Atlantic Evening Conservatory let out for break, I’ve done nothing but bask in the nothing. Well, I mean I have worked. And I have made myself home meals. And I’ve worried somewhat about the future. And then I’ve read … More “Monsieur, Dance with V?” A Series of April Moments with Me

From a Selfie to La Dra. Matilde. March, My Full Circle Month

That expression, full circle, I know now what it means. On March 1st, I posted this picture. Yes, a selfie, essentially. Shot so as to make you believe that someone so mesmerized by me took it, or that it was by Divine design. But that’s not the point. In that moment, there was a sentiment … More From a Selfie to La Dra. Matilde. March, My Full Circle Month

Cuenta la leyenda…

Moment2Moment© A playful moment on March Seventeen Cuenta la leyenda… Por allá en la tierra del America del Norte… Que…. En un sexto piso de un edifició ahora abandonado se aperecía en cierto momento del día la Princesa Sanjuana proveniente del reino Tejaztlán. De ahí, y en ese momento del día, una música surgía, llena … More Cuenta la leyenda…


  Moment2Moment© March Fifteen. What is this feeling? Of wanting. To be ____ other than ____. I can take a deep breath, or twenty, and allow my thoughts to pass by. To observe them, as they say, without latching on. To feel. Judgment barred. And it works. But, in the meantime: dead center on my … More Wanting.

The Tulip Knows

Moment2Moment© March Twelve and Thirteen. “The tulip knows. Like she, a song guides me. And I dance to a measure of my own. In rhythm, like she, I blossom. In harmony with ALL.”- V.

Mi amado Sol

Moment in Time- March 9 Mi amado Sol, ¡Cómo te he extrañado! Tu calorcito. Tu apapacho. ¿Ya llegaste a rescatarme del tiburcio frio?! No me dejes a la merced de este porfirio encogida hasta las oídos. Pero si por el momento estás de visita, permíteme absorberte- reforzarme en tu gran vista. -Celebrando una temperatura de 70F. … More Mi amado Sol