We humbly, in response to the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, dedicate this tune with Love to the victims of gun violence. We join our voices in urgency. We share our concern regarding the power and fear invested in guns, weaponry and their unnecessary accumulation. We pray that a shift in hearts and a shift … More HERE BEFORE

Between You & Me

with each other a relationship forms no words necessary to discover the space between us, within us, that fuses our strengths transforming us it is in the rehearsal space that i live for that moment between you and me *Thank you to Kambi Gathesha and Janine Mills*

“Monsieur, Dance with V?” A Series of April Moments with Me

1159 PM Today, Saturday: April is at its end. Over the last two weeks since the Atlantic Evening Conservatory let out for break, I’ve done nothing but bask in the nothing. Well, I mean I have worked. And I have made myself home meals. And I’ve worried somewhat about the future. And then I’ve read … More “Monsieur, Dance with V?” A Series of April Moments with Me