Like Acting Life is lived Moment2Moment.  As I shoot for the stars, this is a journal about my process-the walls, the triumphs, the lessons learned. Along the path, this journal captures the people who inspire me and the conversations and connections for which my Heart longs.  And as creativity is center stage, through this journal I share the images and words that my Soul insists you know.

Gale Theater Pic
GaleTheaterCompany- Florence




My name is Vanessa Sanjuanita Alvarado Flores. Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, along the Mexican-United States border, I’m a proud South Texas Border Woman. 

In 2013, I fully committed to acting after years of dabbling in it and fighting it. In 2015, I made a dream come true and moved to New York City to focus on training and artistic growth.

The road here has been long and arduous though jam packed with life lessons and unconditional love.

Following my heart has tasked me with one of the hardest dreams known to humans, Professional Acting. While I have a vision, where it will all lead to is so uncertain and unknown. But, let me share, that since I accepted the call and said yes, the Heart and the Divine have led me through a pretty miraculous journey.

I dedicate this site to all the humans who are finding their way. It is especially dedicated to the youth who have a love for performance and creative expression but whose environment does not or does not know how to encourage it. My advice? Trust and have faith that as long as you listen to that which sings deep within, all will be well. Whether you act on it early or later in your life, you will do so when you are ready. When is “ready”?You will know. But listen and honor it.



Left: Collaboration with Celina Chapin & Emily Karnes on a piece about Anne Sexton Top Right: Aztlan Dance Company- Larendo Bottom Right: A moment before class with evening conservatory classmates at Atlantic Acting School






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