A Flashback.A Fastforward.A Love For Now.

Flashback. Sept. 2005. ACL. Austin, Tx. My eleven-year Love loved to share with others the story of this, our first,  ACL together. A scorching hot day. A gallon of water by midday and only one stop at the port-a-potty much later later.  “This new band, Arcade Fire,” he said, I really want to check them out.” But, “Jason Mraz,” I said. I really didn’t know who Mraz was. I knew like one song. But, it was early early on in the relationship and you know how that goes. Two songs in, I wanted out. (No offense J. Mraz).  I REALLY wanted out. But!  we were close to the stage, Coldplay would be next, and there was no way we would let go of our place.  And then, Chris Martin says, “How about Arcade Fire!” Yeah.  I forever apologized. I mean, when I think of it! It hurts. It was early Arcade Fire. Their Funeral tour. They were THE act that the music people raved about the next day. And we missed it.  Oh the sorrow!

Fastforward. Sept. 2017. Madison Square Garden. Arcade Fire. Infinite Content Tour. Magical. And for their last song, Wake Up from their Funeral album.  And as I join all these voices, as we elevate together, I am transported to 2005. And the memory fills me up with so much emotion. I say a prayer for my great Love. I thank him for the music he brought into my life. All that became possible for me because he was in my life. But, above all, I thank God for this Spirit of mine- ever evolving, ever curious, ever expanding- that has me puzzled half of the time and asking constantly “Wait! What?! Where are we going today?And why again? You know, I don’t get it. Option A would be so much easier.” This Spirit of mine that has asserted itself over and over again despite the many obstacles To Be. Despite my own pleas to “Chill out. Pretty please?” OH BUT THE SHIFTS. THE SHAKE UPS. THE THINGS DONE. THE WAKE UPS.

Present. Year Three in NYC is officially underway as of eleven days ago along with a lease renewal as of five days ago. Oh! and even a new job. My heart is full of joy in a way that that Vanessa in 2005 could have not imagined possible. And so my #tbt today is to the Arcade Fire concert close to one month ago because something about this celestial and full October moon and these early days of Fall have me reflecting ON transitions, transformations, the evolution of taste, the acquisition of wisdom, of the know-betters and the never agains. ON the miracle that is… a concert… or a walk on a trail… or the caress of a Fall breeze…or the light of a harvest moon…or a Sunday morning prayer. ON the music that has marked all these special moments in my story. ON my continued aspiration for a life fully lived- fully tuned into that vibrational plane within which Beings like my Arcade Fire loves operate.  ON the power of this invisible but very real Force in cahoots with my Spirit. And I say, “Ay Dios… What ya got for me…”   



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