My Ivy League Life

As I walked towards Dodge Hall @columbia university campus this morning, I wondered, “what does it feel like to be ivy league, to be regarded as the crème de la crème, to have that mad cred?”

Once upon a time in high school I announced I’d be applying to Yale. Except, that I did not know what Yale was. Imagine my surprise when peers, reacting with surprise, asked “really?” ” I love their blue brochure,” I replied. “It looks like a beautiful school.” They laughed. I can’t remember, but I don’t think I applied. (Oh! but not because of them)

This life of mine I’ve created in such a zig zag way… Oh the places I’ve walked to and through and onto. All in this pursuit to creatively express something. Something still undefined.

I pause for a moment to smile (and not only to once again dote on my sparkly rose gold shoes). “To show up to rehearsal on a Sunday morning…to have that choice to follow this creative path…To afford to make this choice…A privilege. I may just have an ivy league life…” Indeed.

Music: Alabama Shakes, Don’t Want to Fight.


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