On this Day…Snow Storms and All. 

On this day… It is snowing. Wind gusts of 35 mph. The city keeps working. Layers On.

On this day..2 yrs ago. Atlantic notified me of my acceptance into their conservatory. A dream came true. So much joy mixed w/ so much uncertainty. So much uncertainty mixed w/ a heart starting to break.

On this day…1 yr later. Nadine (a friendship Made in NY) reminds me to “get cracking on the second season of Mozart…” The show I dream to be on. And it feels possible.

On this day…4 years ago. Feeling the power of FB, shared my conscience and encouraged others to stop shopping at WalMart. It’d been 6 yrs since I’d stepped in a Wally. “It’s morally wrong,” I argued. I still stand behind those words.

On this day…5 yrs ago. Overwhelm & confusion were my words every day. “Bad luck when it comes to thinking,” I believed. With all my student debt, “how can I ever get ahead?! What the heck?!” I was angry at our system. Posting political cartoons claiming these people in power had no brains.

On this day… 6 yrs ago. I went to bed excited for my 1st ½ Marathon I’d run the next day. One of my top accomplishments then. What it taught me. Cried as I hugged him. His support was everything to me then.

On this day… In this minute, my coworker, wearing a lion hat, dances to Perry’s Roar and I am laughing so much.

And I thank the Divine. Snow Storms and All.

(Moment2Moment on 2.9.17)#livingmybestlife #heroesjourney


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