The Absurd in Me

IMG_6960A Moment on March Three

In this moment in time, Absurdity trumps Peace. MY PEACE. Some souls walk just too close to me. The human whose chaotic constitution impulses him to “organize” without any sense of organization. Uncluttering an area to clutter another. The human with the carefully wrapped yellow-ish Spring-ish scarf around his neck who has set up his grooming area at THIS place of all places- brushing his beard and his head over and over and over again. W.T.F. ? What IZ this human plane where retch-inducing eccentricities live? And restless bodies that make no sense STAB at MY peace? Wait! (sigh)…my FABRICATED peace?…Wait. (sigh)…Am I THE Absurd? To believe that peace abides in the absence of? Oh, brother…(sigh)…So I OBSERVE. ME.


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