Behind a Glass Desk

Moment earlier on March Two

Behind Glass Desk PicIn this moment in time I sit at a glass desk facing the window that faces the side of a faded orang-ie bricK high rise. It is day-though Day refuses to enter past this wall-sized window that compels me. Some days the impulse is to RUN out. TorunOUTandbecomeonewithDay. “Hi! I LOVE YOU Day. You&Me Day. Yaass.” Except that.Day.can’ Today anyway-and for several several more days actually-BUT! It is ALL fine. It IS all well. In THIS moment in time, I smile just as WELL. Big dreams REQUIRE a committed heart. Some days in a row behind a glass desk are but a moment of the bigger MOMENT that, in good fortune, I can call My Heart’s Desired Life. So I sit still. 


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